Mosquito Control

Everyone knows how annoying – and painful – mosquitoes can be. Somehow, no matter how many you manage to swat, there always seem to be some that manage to get through to give you a nasty, itchy bite or two. Pestomark professionals will provide effective and individually tailored treatments to eliminate mosquitoes in your yard and property. Our team of mosquito control professionals is experienced and knowledgeable in providing targeted solutions most suited to your specific problem. We recognize you will not want a repeat infestation and offer expert prevention advice on effective deterrent methods for flies.

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Fogging And Misting

Mosquito populations can sometimes breed into the hundreds, making insecticidal mist or fog ideal for minimising large-scale or severe mosquito infestations.

Fogging and misting treatments involve the release of a powerful insecticide smoke or mist into the atmosphere, penetrating the hardest-to-reach places, killing all flying insects such as Common Flying Insect 1, Common Flying Insect 2 and mosquitos in its path.


Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Chemical Treatments

Pestomark uses ULV Fogging treatment, a highly effective method of eradicating mosquitoes, and other flying insects in both domestic and commercial settings. A relatively new technique employing the use of light fumigation, it is the ideal mosquito management solution for use in internal areas.

Mosquito Management Program

Pestomark’s Mosquito Management Program is a long term program designed to deal with all stages of the mosquito life cycle for continual mosquito population control. Home and business owners may choose to have regular treatments over a season or throughout the year. It is recommended that treatments are carried out no longer than 8 weeks apart for effective mosquito management.

Mosquito Traps

Pestomark has partnered with Biogents to bring their latest mosquito management technology into the MENAT region. Biogents’ innovative trapping technology is based on years of study and research of mosquito behaviour, cutting-edge engineering and ground-breaking biology. Boasting capture rates far more effective than any solution on the market Biogents traps are being used for combating Malaria, dengue fever and other deadly vectors in collaboration with the World Bank, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as government-based agencies around the world.



Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, sustainability means delivering our products and services responsibly and protecting the environment. We are committed to reducing emissions and using natural resources to develop environmentally friendly products and processes.